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StatQuest with Josh Starmer
AIdata sciencelearning resourcesmathmooc
Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Science can sometimes seem like very scary topics, but since each technique is really just a combination of small and simple steps, they are actually quite simple. My goal with StatQuest is to break down the major methodologies into easy to understand pieces. That said, I don't dumb down the material. Instead, I build up your understanding so that you are smarter. Contact, Video Index, Etc:
Lightning AI
AItoolslearning resources
The all-in-one platform for AI development. Code together. Prototype. Train. Scale. Serve. From your browser - with zero setup. From the creators of PyTorch Lightning.
Khan Academy - Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice
educationlearning resourcesmooc
Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.
Neural Networks: Zero To Hero
AIdata sciencelearning resourcesmooc
Hugging Face Learn - courses on Hugging Face
AImooclearning resourceseducationdata science
We’re on a journey to advance and democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.
AI Playground | Vercel AI SDK
AIweb devtools
Use the latest AI language models with the Vercel AI Playground
SimpleTex OCR - convert image to latex
SimpleTex OCR recognition for target images (currently only supports single/multi-line formulas, as well as document with formula recognition (experimental release))
Deep Learning Monitor - Find new Arxiv papers, tweets and Reddit posts for you
AIdata sciencelearning resourceseducation
Things happening in deep learning: arxiv, twitter, reddit
AI Chat for scientific PDFs | SciSpace
AIlearning resourcestoolseducation
Chat with PDF and conduct your literature review faster using SciSpace. Discover 200M+ papers or upload your own PDF, highlight text or ask questions, and extract explanations and summaries.
Jan - Turn your computer into an AI machine
Jan turns your computer into an AI machine by running LLMs locally on your computer. It's a privacy-focus, local-first, open-source solution.
Rx Resume
A free and open-source resume builder that simplifies the process of creating, updating, and sharing your resume.
LeetCode The Hard Way - From Absolute Beginner to Quitter
devlearning resources
The ultimate resource for those looking to improve their skills in data structures and algorithms! Our website is dedicated to providing comprehensive tutorials and detailed solutions to some of the most challenging problems in LeetCode.
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
booklearning resources
Free book about Python by Al Sweigart.
AI Art Generator - Create Art, Images & More | Leonardo AI
Transform your projects with our AI image generator. Generate high-quality, AI generated images with unparalleled speed and style to elevate your creative vision
Texifier · Smoothest way to write LaTeX
LaTeX editor for macOS, iOS and Windows with syntax highlighting, multi-file support and integrated PDF (formerly called Texpad)
Remove Background from Image for Free –
Remove image backgrounds automatically in 5 seconds with just one click. Don't spend hours manually picking pixels. Upload your photo now & see the magic.
iLoveIMG | The fastest free web app for easy image modification.
iLoveIMG is the webapp that lets you modify images in seconds for free. Crop, resize, compress, convert, and more in just a few clicks!
DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator
learning resourcestools
Translate texts & full document files instantly. Accurate translations for individuals and Teams. Millions translate with DeepL every day.
RunKit is Node prototyping
devweb devtools
RunKit notebooks are interactive javascript playgrounds connected to a complete node environment right in your browser. Every npm module pre-installed.
Github Copilot
The world’s most widely adopted AI developer tool.
Code Stats
Code Stats is a free stats tracking service for programmers
Fontello - icon fonts generator
web devtools
An easy way to create a custom icon font for your site. Select images from our large collection, and make a webfont pack with one click.
educationtoolslearning resources
Learn any foreign language in a fun way.
The world’s best way to improve your English pronunciation | elsaspeak
learning resourceseducationtools
Our speech recognition app is designed to evaluate and give feedback on your English pronunciation and fluency. With ELSA you can speak English like a natural.
Linguistica – A free language-learning app
learning resourceseducationtools
Free Spanish, French, Italian, and German Podcasts
Tricount -
Tricount is the solution for organizing group expenses on the web, iPhone and Android. Perfect for trips, holidays, meals or sharing flat expenses with roommates!
LingoClip - Enjoy learning languages with music
learning resourceseducationtools
Discover a new and fun way to learn English and other languages by filling in the lyrics of your favorite songs. — The free app that makes your Internet faster.
Install the free app that makes your phone’s Internet more fast, private, and reliable.
Vercel: Build and deploy the best Web experiences with The Frontend Cloud – Vercel
web devdevtools
Vercel's Frontend Cloud gives developers the frameworks, workflows, and infrastructure to build a faster, more personalized Web.
All – Tiny Helpers
A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers...
Javascript Playground (Sandbox, Repl)
The #1 JavaScript playground and sandbox to write, run and repl it. JavaScript playground is perfect for learning and prototyping javascript sandboxes. Fast. Easy to use.
AI Code Generator - Amazon CodeWhisperer - AWS
Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI-powered productivity tool for the IDE and command line that generates code suggestions based on comments and existing code.
balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives
Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.
Programiz - learn to code
AIdevweb devdata sciencemooclearning resources
Learn to code the right way - solving challenges and building projects - to improve your job profile. Trusted by 400K+ programmers.
Tra Cau - Tool for finding bilingual sentence pairs.
toolseducationlearning resources
Dictionary lookup and sentence pattern lookup help you quickly and accurately find the English words and phrases you need for conversation, letter writing, document drafting or translation.
Answer.AI - Answer.AI - Practical AI R&D
AIdata science
Answer.AI is a new kind of AI R&D lab which creates practical end-user products based on foundational research breakthroughs.
AIdata science
OpenML is an open platform for sharing datasets, algorithms, and experiments - to learn how to learn better, together.
ChatPDF - Chat with any PDF!
AItoolsdata scienceeducation
Join millions of students, researchers and professionals to instantly answer questions and understand research with AI
Free AI Writing, PDF, Image, and other Online Tools - TinyWow
We offer PDF, video, image and other online tools to make your life easier
Consensus: AI Search Engine for Research
AIdata sciencetoolslearning resources
Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to find insights in research papers.
Devhints — TL;DR for developer documentation
devlearning resources
A ridiculous collection of web development cheatsheets · One-page guide to
React Icons
Include popular icons in your React projects easly with react-icons.
User-friendly GUI macOS application for Homebrew Casks
Sindre Sorhus
personal sitedevweb devtools
Full-Time Open-Sourcerer & Aspiring Rebel
Onur Şuyalçınkaya
personal sitedevweb dev
Software Engineer, DJ, writer, and minimalist, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Apple Silicon Games
News, Game Performance Reports, Reviews and more. All about Gaming on Apple Silicon by Mac Gamers for Mac Gamers.
Microsoft Designer - Stunning designs in a flash
A graphic design app that helps you create professional quality social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, graphics, and more. Start with your idea and create something unique for you.
Image Creator from Microsoft Designer
Image Creator from Designer helps you generate images based on your words with AI.
Data Science Cheat Sheets | Data Analysis Reference Guides | DataCamp
data scienceAIlearning resourcesmooc
Download quick points of reference from our cheat sheets blog. There's everything from advanced NLP in Python & the Bokeh library to data.table in R & more.
DevPod - Open Source Dev-Environments-As-Code
DevPod is infrastructure-independent and client-only, which makes it incredibly easy to get started with. Codespaces but open-source, client-only and unopinionated. Works with any infra, any progamming language, any IDE, etc.
personal siteAIdata sciencemathlearning resources
A personal blog writing about Data Science, Machine Learning, Maths,… (in Vietnamese)
Understanding Deep Learning by Simon J.D. Prince
bookAIlearning resources
Book comes with jupyter notebooks.
Learn Data Science – Python, R, SQL, PowerBI
data sciencelearning resourcesAImooc
97% of learners recommend Dataquest for learning data science. Better teaching = better outcomes. Take a free lesson now >>
Coursera | Degrees, Certificates, & Free Online Courses
learning resourcesmooc
Learn new job skills in online courses from industry leaders like Google, IBM, & Meta. Advance your career with top degrees from Michigan, Penn, Imperial & more.
DeepLearning.AI: Start or Advance Your Career in AI
learning resourcesAImoocdata science
DeepLearning.AI is an education technology company that is empowering the global workforce to build an AI-powered future through world-class education, hands-on training, and a collaborative community. -—Making neural nets uncool again
AImoocdata science
Deep learning is transforming the world. We are making deep learning easier to use and getting more people from all backgrounds involved through our: free courses for coders, software library, cutting-edge research, community.
Blog | bobbyhadz
web devpersonal sitedev
Articles on AWS, Serverless, React.js and Web Development - solving problems and automating tasks.
web devtools
Collection of icons
Eugene Yan
AIdata sciencepersonal site
I design, build, and operate machine learning systems that serve customers at scale. I also write about data/ML systems and career.
Indie Hackers: Work Together to Build Profitable Online Businesses
devlearning resourcestools
Connect with developers who are sharing the strategies and revenue numbers behind their companies and side projects.
Tony Dinh
personal sitedev
A personal site of Tony Dinh. He makes himself tools that help him earn without working for any company.
OpenAI Cookbook
Open-source examples and guides for building with the OpenAI API. Browse a collection of snippets, advanced techniques and walkthroughs. Share your own examples and guides.
Stack Abuse
learning resourcesweb devmoocdev
Learn Python, Java, JavaScript/Node, Machine Learning, and Web Development through articles, code examples, and tutorials for developers of all skill levels.
Eloquent JavaScript
bookweb devmooc
This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital. Written by Marijn Haverbeke.
La statistique expliquée à mon chat
"La statistique expliquée à mon chat", c'est fini. Pour contacter Nathan (narration et script) : [email protected] Pour contacter Laura (graphisme et animation) : [email protected] Pour contacter Gwenaël (composition) : [email protected]
Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours
learning resources
Take a whirlwind tour of your next favorite language. Community-driven!
Free Programming Books –
booklearning resourcesdev
Free Programming Books on Android development, C, C#, CSS, HTML5, iOS development, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, PHP, Python, SQL Sever and more
Dive into Deep Learning — Dive into Deep Learning 1.0.3 documentation
bookdata scienceAIlearning resources
Interactive deep learning book with code, math, and discussions. Implemented with PyTorch, NumPy/MXNet, JAX, and TensorFlow. Adopted at 500 universities from 70 countries
web devtools
Learn JavaScript design and performance patterns for building more powerful web applications.
The latest in Machine Learning | Papers With Code
AIdata scienceeducationmathlearning resourcestools
Papers With Code highlights trending Machine Learning research and the code to implement it.
Home - Made With ML
learning resourcesAItoolsdev
Learn how to responsibly design, develop, deploy and iterate on production ML applications.
Home - colah's blog
personal siteAIlearning resourcesdata science
Beautiful blog about Artificial, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.
Posts of Huskywannafly on Spiderum. They’re in Vietnamese.
personal siteeducation
His writing style is very special with rigorous arguments.
Collection of the Best Mathematics and Science Stuff | Abakcus
educationlearning resourcesmath
Abakcus is the best curation site for math and science. We work hard and curate the best articles, books, products, videos, and projects.
Medium – Where good ideas find you.
learning resources
Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic.
AI Curious
AIlearning resources
Mastering AI skills for software engineers
AIlearning resources
A blog about natural language processing and machine learning.
Blog by Kemal Erdem
personal siteAIdata sciencelearning resources
Even complex things could be explain in a simple way.
News, Updates & Discussion about mobile gaming with gamepads
games is a directory of all iOS Games with game controller support. – The best price comparison tool for Nintendo Switch games
Compare Nintendo Switch game prices ▪︎ More than 8000 Games ▪︎ Find the best price for any Nintendo Switch games ▪︎ Any currency
Deku Deals - Nintendo Switch price tracking and wishlist notifications
Find the deepest discounts on Switch, Playstation, or Xbox. Get alerted for the next big sale. From physical games to digital codes, never miss a deal with Deku Deals.
Watch Reddit Sports Streams Live | Free Sports Streaming - RedditSports.Stream
Join the community at RedditSports.Stream, your ultimate source for high-quality Reddit Sports Streams. Enjoy free live streams of NBA, NFL, Soccer, and more!
SwiftLaTeX: WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor for Browsers
web devtools
PdfTeX and XeTeX written in 100% WebAssembly and run in browsers. Produce exact same output you would get from TexLive or MikTeX.
Developer Roadmaps -
devlearning resourcesweb devdata scienceAItools
Community driven roadmaps, articles and guides for developers to grow in their career.
matheducationlearning resources
3Blue1Brown, by Grant Sanderson, is some combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition. The goal is for explanations to be driven by animations and for difficult problems to be made simple with changes in perspective. For more information, other projects, FAQs, and inquiries see the website:
Algorithms, 4th Edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
booklearning resourcesdevmooc
Essential information that every serious programmer needs to know about algorithms and data structures
Machine Learning cơ bản
learning resourcespersonal siteAImooc
Blog của Tiệp Vũ, tổng hợp các kiến thức cơ bản về Machine Learning.
Blog of Tuan Nguyen
personal siteAIlearning resources
Personal blog of Tuan Nguyen writing about Deep Learning.
CS231n Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
AIlearning resourcesmooc
Course materials and notes for Stanford class CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition.
Stanford University CS231n: Deep Learning for Computer Vision
learning resourcesAI
This course is a deep dive into the details of deep learning architectures with a focus on learning end-to-end models for these tasks, particularly image classification.
Explained Visually
toolsAIdata sciencelearning resources
Explained Visually (EV) is an experiment in making hard ideas intuitive inspired the work of Bret Victor's Explorable Explanations.
CS Dojo
learning resourcesdev
Hello! My name is YK, and I usually make videos about programming and computer science here :) Business email: The logo was made by: my friend Youdong Zhang
RxViz - Animated playground for Rx Observables
web devtools
Visualize any Rx Observable, and export SVG of the marble diagram. Rxjs.
Aman's AI Journal • Natural Language Processing Specialization on Coursera (offered by
learning resourcespersonal siteAI
Aman's AI Journal | Course notes and learning material for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Stanford classes.
devtoolsweb dev
An extensible text editor framework that does things differently
Open Assistant
Conversational AI for everyone. An open source project to create a chat enabled GPT LLM run by LAION and contributors around the world.
Replicate – Run open-source machine learning models with a cloud API
Machine learning doesn’t need to be so hard. Run models in the cloud at scale.
QuickRef.ME - Quick Reference Cheat Sheet
devlearning resourcestools
Share quick reference and cheat sheet for developers
Anna’s Archive
educationlearning resourcesdata science
The world’s largest open-source open-data library. Mirrors Sci-Hub, Library Genesis, Z-Library, and more.
Free for Developers
Developers and Open Source authors now have a massive amount of services offering free tiers, but it can be hard to find them all to make informed decisions.